Vitamin C Serum (Benemedio 301)

Vitamin C Rejuvenation Serum for Face and Neck


  • In the field of skin care, VITAMIN C is known as a household ingredient and is often added to skincare products with whitening and spot-lightening effects. 
  • However, there are many VITAMIN C products on the market that are mixed to other skin care ingredients, doubling to achieve the "WHITENING" effect rather than strengthening the vitamin C concentration, to enhance the effectiveness of melanin.    

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  • Vitamin C has various active forms, which can remove harmful substances from the skin.
  • Various environmental stressors such as pollution, smoking and sunlight will form reactive oxygen species in the skin. You can think of these as toxins. They can damage the proteins and cell membranes in skin cells and cause collagen to break down. 
  • As a result, the skin will produce wrinkles, dark spots, and red spots, and the skin quality will deteriorate. 
  • VITAMIN C fights all these injuries, and daily use of VITAMIN C essence helps prevent these changes in the skin.


  • In addition to its antioxidant power, VITAMIN C can also help protect and treat the skin in many other ways. 
  • It plays an important role in the production of collagen. The production of collagen is very important, but it will slow down with age. 
  • VITAMIN C  can also reduce the production of melanin or pigment to help treat age spots or melasma. 
  • VITAMIN C can also work with Vitamin E to help improve the skin's ability to resist ultraviolet radiation to protect the skin from damage. 
  • VITAMIN C  can also greatly improve and accelerate the healing process of wounds.




  • Most VITAMIN C essences on the market are bottled for multiple use. However, in order to prepare for VITAMIN C oxidation, some manufacturers increase the VITAMIN C concentration.
  •  Increasing the concentration of VITAMIN C will not provide greater help, and may even irritate the skin. 
  • Therefore, VITAMIN C essence in ampoules can effectively maintain VITAMIN C, avoid oxidation, and achieve the best results.

Benemedio 301 – Lohas Pharma



Benemedio 301 contains special natural components which improve skin condition through nourishment.

Packing: 10 bottles x 2ml

Ingredients: Vitamin C; Proteoglycan; Musk Rose Oil

  • Proteoglycans

Proteoglycans are natural substances produced by all mammalian cells, which are the components of extracellular matrix (ECM) and plasma membranes. These are made up of the central protein molecule with attached molecules of glycosaminoglycans. The most important feature of proteoglycans is the ability to retain water in the tissues. Proteoglycans interact with other ECM components to provide a hydrated gel that resists compressive forces. Skin gains healthy and young appearance through this.


  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very essential for the synthesis and regeneration of collagen and elastin, helping to restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It has also a beneficial influence on the blood vessels’ walls. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and protects skin cells against free radicals. Skin looks bright and firm.

Vitamin C: Are You Getting Enough?

  • Rosa Moschata Oil

The Rosa Moschata oil or rosehip seed oil is derived from cold pressing hips of the rare forest shrub Rosa moschata. Rosa Moschata oil has a high content of essential fatty acids; oleic, linoleic and linolenic. These acids are important for the maintenance of healthy skin: restores the moisture level of naturally dry or dehydrated skin as a result of aging, dry air or environmental damage, protects against the effects of skin aging, reduces scar tissue. Skin remains vital and firm.

Oil contains also "Tretinoin”, component used in the treatment of a variety of dermatological disorders, including those caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

Rose hip oil - Interfat



Healthy young skin is smooth and firm, without blemishes, spots and wrinkles. It adopts to changes of temperature and humidity and reacts properly with the right care.

However, as the time passes, changes in the skin texture are unavoidable. It looses firmness and smoothness and the ageing process becomes obvious.

A healthy skin condition depends on hydration. Adequate moisturization of stratum corneum is necessary. If neglected, the surface of the skin becomes dry and rough. Furthermore, permeability by harmful environmental agents become more likely.

The dermis (or lower layer of the skin) contains proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans which retain water. In turn, water migrates to upper skin layer, the epidermis, and evaporates. The dermis is made of collagen and elastin which are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. As the skin ages it becomes dry, less elastic and appears tired.


60 women, aged between 20-65 years old was divided into three groups:

1.) 15 people aged 20-35 using Benemedio
2.) 15 people aged 35-50 use Benemedio
3.) 15 people aged 35-50 use Benemedio
4.) Corresponding groups: 5 people in each of the three age groups
DESIGN: 1-3 groups used Benemedio for 60 consecutive days at night; 
Corresponding group: Use other moisturizing products at night for 60 consecutive days; then use Ultrasonographic at the beginning; 40 days and 60 days to test skin improvement
RESULTS: All groups of Benemedio were significantly better than the combined group, and effectively reduced wrinkles, proliferated collagen and moisturized.


Why is the formula kept in ampoules?
The ampule prohibits solution oxidation and ensures maximum effectiveness.

How can I use the ampules?
Use of the ampoules is simple. You may apply formula in four steps:

  1. Shake the vial and insert it inside of the plastic at the narrowest part of the vial.
  2. Break the upper part of the vial with the protective tube and dispose of it. Insert the vial again in the protective tube.
  3. Take half of vial content and apply with the fingertips to face and neck. Distribute evenly while massaging.  
  4. Close the protective tube with the white cap to protect solution.

How often should Benemedio be used?
Use the first five vials daily (for ten days), another five vials every second day (for twenty days). For intensive cure use all ten vials daily (twenty days of care). Each ampule should be used within 48 hours once opened.

How long can I use Benemedio – should there be a pause between applications?
You may use Benemedio continuously for the medium to long-term period. No pause is necessary as the components are completely compatible with the skin.

How to store the formula?
Protect from sunlight and store in cool temperatures. Use the ampule as directed when opened within 48 hours.